Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2024

Sunday April 28, 2024

We had another small group this year but everyone present had a great time. We were able to construct several pinhole cameras as well as utilize several cameras that were on hand from previous events.

Approximately 15 pinhole photos were taken with some of the best displayed below. Also below are photos from past WWPPD events. Enjoy!

Camera on the left has been painted black inside. The camera on the right is waiting to be painted.

Framing the Photo

Portrait of Friends

Group Photo 2024

Close Up of Azaleas

A Collection of Yarns

Peace Bag


Parked Bus. The pin hole camera was less than a foot away from the school bus


Swain Arts Center Courtyard. The pinhole camera was placed on the ground.


The Swain Spirit Wall. The pinhole camera was less than 2 feet from the wall. The bright squiggles are blades of grass shining in the sun. 

Hold Still!

Group Photo of the 2022 Participants

This image took over a minute to expose. It is only fitting that we shot our group photo with one of our pinhole camera creations.